This Change Course "Influence Change and Evolve your Paradigms.

Whoever you are if you sometimes struggle to cope with change, this course is perfect for you!

For thousands of years, we have been hard-wired to resist change. Human beings by default don't like or want to change.

This resistance to change has developed over time to protect us from danger, however, in today's world real danger does not always exist in the circumstances where we resist change.

This short video course focuses on what change is, why we oppose it and how we can accept it. With proven practical "Aha moments" that can be used in the real world, to help us live with change.
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Course curriculum

  • 3

    What is Change?

    • Changing our perceptions

    • The Tower of Perception

    • Perception examples showing how first impressions are not always the best ones

    • Two kinds of change

    • Take Control of your Boat

    • Change Failure Rate

    • The Four Stages of Change

    • A quick quiz on what is change

  • 4

    Why is Change so difficult?

    • We Perceive with our Primitive Brain First

    • Survival from Danger with Emotional Responses

    • You Need a Babysitter

    • Sarah or Robert?

    • What does it feel like to Trust Someone

    • Quiz on why we resist change

  • 5

    Enablers for Successful Change

    • Famous People Driving Successful Change

    • Enable Change by Communicating to Peoples Emotions

    • Me Myself and I

    • Classroom vs Gemba

    • Avoid Putting your Head in the Sand

    • Make your Changes with Teams Builds Trust

    • Mistake Proofing your Change

  • 6

    What if we don't Change

    • First Automobile

    • We cannot Stand Still

    • Summarize all we have Learnt