Just some of the benefits from using this course.

Learn a structured methodology for reducing the time needed to set up or change over from one process to another. Quick Changeover (SMED) workshops will help you reduce cycle times, lead time & save money.

A successful SMED program will bring the following benefits:
Lower manufacturing costs (faster changeovers mean less equipment downtime)
Smaller lot sizes (faster changeovers enable more frequent product changes)
Improved responsiveness to customer demand (smaller lot sizes, more flexible scheduling)
Lower inventory levels (smaller lot sizes result in lower inventory levels)
Smoother start-ups (standardised changeover processes improve consistency and quality)
Included with this course, are a selection of powerful excel spreadsheets, for you to use in your workplace.

CERTIFICATION On completion of this Quick Changeover on-line course and after successfully answering all questions with at least 80% pass rate, you will receive your certificate.

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